NYC Pop-up, September 2016

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A West African culinary experience


"Modern West Africa is a mish-mash of cultures, clashing yet complementary. In bustling Lagos, women and men decked out in the latest international designers exist side by side with traders selling age old treats like akara and dun-dun. Cafés in Yamoussoukro serve delectable French beignets. Continental breakfast exists side by side with spicy fufu and efo. Young teenagers switch playlists between Youssou N'Dour and Drake.
New is old, Old is new, a cycle constantly blending and refracting….
 That is what we strive to bring you- an experience of West Africa, modern, worldly, traveled, delicate even, with all its delicious contradictory global influences, yet still, always still, connected to its roots.
We hope you enjoy this culinary journey as much as we’ve enjoyed curating it for you."