Isi Owoo is the founder of the Ivory Group, a West African cuisine inspired concept. While her parents are of Nigerian origin, she was born in the U.S and completed her education in Nigeria and England.  Isi has always been passionate about food as the designated chef in family occasions.  Her passion for cooking and the food service industry led her to study culinary arts and restaurant management at the Art Institute of New York. She began her career in restaurant management at Fourth Wall Restaurant, a privately held group of restaurants in New York, Miami, etc. Isi led the opening and management of Quality Meats, Quality Italian, Park Avenue, Hurricane Club and the Riff Raff night club for over eight years. Isi was instrumental in the success of each restaurant and built a strong patronage within the group.  

Last year, Isi moved to Seattle with her two children because her husband attained a corporate counsel position at Amazon. Her children assimilated well into their new environment and Isi decided to use the move to chart a new path for herself. She assessed the Seattle restaurant scene and after noticing the growing diversity of restaurants, Isi identified an opportunity to bring West African inspired cuisine to Seattle. This is how Ivory Group was born, with a mission to represent modern West African culture through the cuisine and décor. Her vision is to expand the Ivory group within the US and globally bringing the world modern West African cuisine.